Gateway funds Phase I and II patient-centered cancer clinical trials that have the potential to shift the paradigm for standard of care. We strive to fund treatment-based studies at the bedside, including all types of cancers.   

We advance our mission by funding early phase clinical trials focusing on the following: 

  • New Investigational Therapies 
  • New Indications 
  • De-escalation of Treatment 
  • Mitigation of Treatment Toxicity 
  • Predictive Biomarkers (with a therapeutic component) 
  • Integrative Medicine  

In these research areas: 

  • Biomarkers (prognostic or predictive with supportive treatment) 
  • Gene Therapy 
  • Basket Trials 
  • Immunotherapy 
  • Targeted Therapies 

We seek to bring urgency to the process of cancer research for patients who are looking for treatments today and are faced with difficult decisions without innovative, life-saving options.  Gateway will place increasing emphasis on funding patient-centered and novel research.  

At Gateway, it is always and only about the patient. Involvement of patient advocates and patient advocacy groups in the design of the clinical trial, incorporating patient-reported outcomes and quality of life tools, and including patient advocates on research study review committees, are all ways to incorporate the patient’s unique perspective into the research study. 

Available Programs:

  • Gateway Traditional Grant Program 
  • NCI/ SPORE/ P20 Program 
  • Integrative Research  
  • Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) 
  • Decentralized Clinical Trial Initiative (DCTI)

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